How to Get There



-A taxi from Managua or Leon to The Free Spirit Hostel in El Transito should cost you around 50-70$ depending on your negotiation skills. Tell the taxi driver to take the ‘Carretera Vieja Leon’ and turn at KM 46 when you see a small pulperia with a Pepsi sign in front. From there you are only 30 minutes from the hostel. You will see a sign of the hostel when you enter the village down the little hill. Take a right at the sign, then turn left at the first street and at the end you will see us on your right.

-From Managua, our partner taxi driver Oswaldo will bring you safely to the hostel for 65$. He speak proper english and he will be waiting for you at the airport with a Free Spirit sign. Call him anytime +505 8454 2715 or write him an email or


-It is about 1h-1h30 from Managua or Leon. First, you have to take the ‘Carretera Vieja Leon’ and then turn at KM 46 when you see a small pulperia with a Pepsi sign in front. From there, you take a dirt road for 13 km and you will get to El Transito. When you arrive in the village you will go down a little hill and find a sign of The Free Spirit Hostel telling you to turn right and then take the first street on the left. At the end of that street, you will find us on your right.

Public Bus:

-From Managua: There is 3 buses a day for El Transito from Terminal ISRAEL, leaving at 12h, 13h and 15h but be there in advance because some buses can leave earlier sometimes. First, take a taxi to go to the Terminal ISRAEL, it should cost you no more than 50-150 cordobas (2-5$) per person from the other bus station Huembles or UCA. From the airport, it should be around 10$.

Then, stand outside of the main entrance of the Terminal ISRAEL to catch the bus that will come from the Oriental Terminal on the main street. You cannot miss it, there will be around 20 people waiting for buses to pass. The bus fare should be around 25-30 cordobas (1$) and a little extra of 1$ for board bag.

If you miss the bus going straight to El Transito or you want to take the bus in the morning, you can take every bus that goes to Leon passing by la carratera vieja Leon and you ask the driver to be drop at KM46 for El Transito and you hitchhike the 13 km of dirt road.


-From Leon: It will be a 2 buses journey. First, you have to take a bus going to Managua by the ‘Carretera Vieja Leon’ and tell the driver that you want to exit the bus at KM 46, the bus stop at the entrance of the road going to El Transito. Then, you will have to wait for a bus coming from Managua that will bring you to the village, but be sure to arrive at the junction before 16h. If not, you will miss the last connection and you will have to hitchhike the last 13km of dirt road.