Why El Transito is a surfer paradise:

-El Transito has the reputation to be an all year round consistent break. An hidden secret in Central America where you can surf almost alone half of the year.

-When other breaks North or South are flat like a swimming pool, El Transito will normally give you some waist to chest waves.

-Every level of surfers will be pleased in El Transito. We have some barrels sections, some mellows fun lines and some perfect beginner waves right in front of our doorstep. No matter what you are looking, you can have it here.

-From November to February it’s perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers.

-From March to August, the waves are amazing for the intermediate and advance surfers who want to challenge themselves. Perhaps, there will always be a place on our beach suitable for the beginners.

-The breaks of El Transito are best in the Nicaraguan off season, starting at the end of October going till March.


The different surf breaks:

-Straight in front of The Free Spirit Hostel, you have 3 awesome peaks on the main beach (sand bottom) and perfect to learn and improve your skills. The breaks are typically offering some mellow rights and lefts with some barrel sections suitable for every level of surfers.

-On the left side of the beach, or the south end, you can find a good point break called « The Corner » with a rock/sand bottom. You can enjoy this playful long left wave when the swell is right. You can even get a barrel some days. 

-A 5 to 10 minutes walk north from The Free Spirit Hostel will bring you to a section in the middle of two big volcanic rocks. It’s a quick barrel section that will please the advanced surfers.



-The dry season in Nicaragua is between January and April and the rainy season from May to beginning of October (typically only afternoon showers). The most consistent swells occur during the rainy season, but be sure that all year long you will find waves in El Transito, because we receive the offshore wind from Lago Nicaragua almost every day. On the other hand, the best weather is in November and December.


Why Nicaragua is the place to be for surfers:

-The Globe and Mail and the Lonely Planet voted Nicaragua as one of the best destination for 2015.

-One of the safest country in South and Central America.

-Cheap and accessible country with plenty of flights coming to Managua for less than 600$ both way from North America. Beer for 1$ and meal for less than 5$ almost everywhere.

-No crowds compare to the neighbour Costa Rica.

-Consistent and desirable conditions all year long, more than 300+ days of offshore wind.

-Waves for all levels of surfers with some beach breaks, point breaks and incredible barrel sections.

-A true cultural experience with the colonial history and the friendly locals.