You want to join The Free Spirit Hostel family? 

You want to live the experience of a lifetime?

You are at the right place!

All year long, we are looking for volunteers to join our family here in Nicaragua. Your tasks could be almost anything in the hostel but your most important one will be to make our customers happy at all time. You will have free food and accommodation in exchange for 6h of work per day. Moreover, you have free access to our 30 surfboards, our daily yoga class as well as everything on our amazing site. Finally, you will have the chance to live right on the beach for a few months with new friends everyday.

We are looking for volunteers speaking English, who are friendly, outgoing and love to work in a team. We like people who take initiative and mingle people together.


We want volunteers who will stay with us for 1, 2 or 3 months!


Positions available: See the list below

If you are interested in one of those positions, write us and answer the following questions:

To be part of the team, write us at and answer the following information.

  1. The title of the message should be: Volunteer/COOK/June or Volunteer/BARMAN/August or Volunteer/SURF/May or Volunteer/YOGA/December
  2. Dates of arrival and departure (1 to 3 months ).
  3. The position you are interested in.
  4. In ten words, describe The Free Spirit in you.
  5. For the BARMAN position, write us a joke, for the COOK, write us you favorite recipe without quantity (make us salivate), for the SURF TEACHER, explain us your surf experience (since when are you surfing, where did you surf in the past, etc.) and for the YOGA TEACHER, tell us where you did your teacher training, since when are you teaching yoga, can you teach in english and in 2 sentences why you are the best candidate.
  6. Add you C.V. 

If you are choose, we will contact you for a Skype meeting. Then if you become part of the Free Spirit Family, you will have 2-3 weeks to buy a flight ticket to confirm that you are coming. If not we willl have to find somebody else to replace you.


Manager (Person in charge)

-Paid position ($) with 1 day off per week

-In charge of the locals employees and others volunteers, check-in & check-out, dealing with locals suppliers, ETC…

-In control of the entire hostel (with help from the owners)

-If you want to be put out of your comfort zone, this job is for you. He are looking for an outgoing, responsible person

P.S. For this job Spanish is almost mandatory.

P.S.S Please joint with your application your management experiences and WHY you will be the best Free Spirit manager. 

Surf Instructor

(Person in charge of giving the theoric and pratical surf class)

-Need to be a good surfer and loving the ocean!

-Person who love to help people discovering this amazing sport for the first time!

-Friendly and outgoing person!

P.S. The beginners surf class are at low tide when the waves are small, so you will have all day to surf the high tide and enjoy the good waves in a uncrowded beach!

Yoga Teacher 

(person in charge of giving the daily yoga class to our clients)

-Need to be a certified yoga teacher!

-Person who love sharing is passion for yoga to new yogis and more advances one!

P.S. The yoga teacher will have other tasks to do at the hostel, from helping the manager in task such as reception or helping in the kitchen or anything else.

Barman / Reception

(Can be morning shift, afternoon one or night time)

-Need to be good with people and love to have fun with clients!

-Experience in bar and restaurant an asset but not necessary!


Cook / Help Cook

(people in charge of cooking the dinners and breakfasts for our big family, 20 to 40 people)

-Need to love cooking!

-Having some initiative and creativity. We have a recipe book but we love that our chef try new things!

-Experience as a cook in a restaurant an asset but not necessary!