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Have you ever had that feeling that owning less means having more…

A few days ago our belongings got robbed inside our bus in the middle of the day in Nicaragua. For a lot of people, this episode could have been the end of a trip or a total moment of sadness. Happily for us, after crossing 10 000 km in the last month, there was no coming back, so we just laughed at the situation and tried to learn things from this story. 

Things that were stolen:

-Macbook Pro

-HP tablet

-2/3 of our clothes (we only have Vincent one’s now)

-Plenty of other things that were in our backpacks 

How we react to this episode


It’s hard to describe the feeling of losing everything when you own almost nothing. For me it was almost pure joy because I always remember something that a globe trotter told me «the things that you own will someday own you». When you keep that in mind, the less you own the happiest you are. It’s what I felt when we were robbed. 

First, we realized we lost our Macbook and tablet, but luckily for us, the same morning, we removed our passports from the same bag and we had done a backup of the computer. So, we just lost possessions, nothing more. That same night, I wanted to change clothes so I looked around to find my bag, but it was gone. At that moment, I realized something great happened. My most valuable belongings were stolen but still, I had my most precious things; my friends, my family and my dreams.

Nothing can stop me from being happy, even if I have nothing left except a tank top, a swimming suit and a surf board. Life is good when you smile at it, so start believing in something else than your possessions and follow your dreams.



I wasn’t even mad when the situation occurred. I just felt surprised because it was the first « bad thing » on our journey so far. It took me one hour to realize what really happened. 

For me, the « robbery » situation put me in a strange mindset because my bag was the only  one left. I lost identification papers, money, headphones and some useless things that I don’t really care about. 

After this day, I saw this event with an outside eye, from another perspective. I realized how every things are so easy to lose. It’s crazy when you think that everything you own can disappear in a second. I thought more about that and I realized how it’s the same thing with people you love. You can lose them anytime.

Finally, it was so clear in my mind. Life’s all about enjoying and appreciating every single moment that come on your way. Just live in the now and enjoy everything while you can. That way, you will never be sad or mad if you lose it someday.



The moment I realized that my bag containing all the ‘’things’’ I owned in life was gone, I didn’t acknowledge it right away because for me, everything is about enjoying the present moment and I was having a great time that night!

The next morning was different, I felt a sort of emptiness inside me as if I just lost a part of me and I couldn’t understand why because a few months ago I chose not to define myself by the things I owned. I had to understand that feeling growing inside me, so I took a walk to the beach and sat in the sand looking at the ocean, knowing that sometimes pain must be felt in order to give place for love again.

At this very moment, the ocean asked me why I was so sad and then said:
 -It’s not your swimsuit you love, it’s swimming on my shores.

I opened my eyes and felt the wind blowing in my ears, telling me that it’s not my headphones I missed, it’s music in itself. I then closed my eyes again and saw everyone who gave me a precious gift that was previously stored in the bag I no longer had. I thought I’d lost all those priceless presents but the real treasure was their love and I could felt it in my heart, it was still there.

I was sitting alone on the shore, in a whole new country with empty hands. I looked all around me and felt the beauty in everything while smiling at the sun, feeling that nothing was missing anymore.