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During my journey around the world pursuing my dreams, I had the honor and the pleasure to meet incredible human being that not a lot of persons could say they are part of their world as family without being real family. I’m talking here about my half-brothers who live with my parents since 8 years, four autistics guys who truly became friends and family.

I had the opportunity at first to pass some time with them when I was at my parents place, but I never really realised what they could bring me. It took me 3 trips around the globe, exploring the world, seeing the most beautiful sceneries of New Zealand, Australia, Bolivia, Guatemala, just to name a few, to really realise that something was missing in my perception of beauty and joy.

Have you ever been in front of something incredible like an amazing lake around mountains and ask yourself why you don’t find it as beautiful as the first one you saw 3 months ago when you first start your journey? Is it because even routine is possible during a trip or it’s just that at some point you stop to have the same joy of travelling when your journey is over 2 months? Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for all of you!

But for myself working with my half-brothers during 3 months just before my last and longer trip of 11 months was the key to this riddle. I had the privilege to spend days and nights with 4 autistics adults that truly change my perception of life. When you are constantly in presence of disable person, you realise that their joy come from so many little things. For example, going on a road trip for a couple of hours is like the feeling of joy that you feel when you take the plane to change continent. For them eating at restaurant is the best activity on earth, it’s like when you are diving the Great Barrier Reef or doing bungee. For them, every little thing as a meaning and every little thing in life can bring them a smile or a little piece of happiness. They will maybe not say it out loud, but you will see it in their actions.

What I want to say by that is: I learn to enjoy every moment of my life by seeing with the eyes of an autistic person, because for them everything is beautiful and awesome. So, from that moment, I start to enjoy every little piece of my life, like it was the most incredible thing I had ever seen. It change my vision drastically and during my year abroad I saw so many things, but not even for a fraction of a second I got bored of a scenery or a monument, because every time it was coming near I was thinking of them at the same spot and it was bringing me the biggest smile you can ever imagine.

Finally I start to smile at the smallest little piece of joy that was coming on my way and I will continue to live like that for the rest of my life because it is unreal but so insane to see life always like a rainbow.