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Who loves travelling, who loves adventure, who loves exploring the unknown?

I have been an adventurer my whole life in chase of something that I hadn’t found yet, but today I can totally say that I have found my purpose in life and it’s so simple.

I grew up travelling and wanting to explore the world. I achieved some of my biggest dreams doing so and I’m proud to say that I have been on every continent at only 23 years old. I have never loved to talk about numbers, because it always seems cocky, but today I will, because I’ve hit the 50th country on my list and at the same time, I passed my 100th flights. Maybe it’s just numbers, but to me it’s a reminder of all the hard work I had done to save all the money needed to spend more than 5 years travelling the world. Moreover it reminds me of all the mates I’ve met doing some crazy stuff and the stories we will share for the rest of our lives. I love to say that I discover the world but also the people and cultures. I don’t know in how many languages I can say “thank you” and “hello”, but it’s probably over 20-25. I love to see the face of a polish girl when I say “gkindobre” perfectly which means “hi” or the face of a Dutch person when I say loud and clear “eggmoon poopun” when leaving the table (meaning I need to take a shit). All these memories are in my head forever, its knowledge and stories that I will repeat for a life time. My children will get bored of earing them sometimes, but who care it’s who I am.

All those numbers, always bring me back to and remind me of the one and only thing that matter to me, being happy.

It can look so simple, but are you happy where you are right now?

That’s a simple question that I’ve been getting asked a lot since I started my hostel in Nicaragua almost 2 years ago. It can seem like an easy answer, but no, I have not always been happy. Starting a business is a long and difficult adventurous road and sometimes l asked myself if I made the right choice by quitting everything I had in order to follow that big dream.

Life is not always easy but for those who dare push the limits, only a bright future await.

I was always a happy person and am always looking at the bright side of everything that happens to me. Maybe it’s just me but I believe that we have been put on earth to become the best person we can be, but to do so, we need to work hard, to do the little things differently and to accept the challenge that life put in our way. After only few months I can say that my life changed and only beautiful things have been happening. I made the big move and I relearn that things are always moving and changing. Only a blind man can say, ‘’ I didn’t see it coming ’’. Keep your eyes open because your next opportunity or girlfriend or job is just around the corner.

Finally, I have always wonder why people are scared of changing their routine, why people are afraid of risking what they have for a better future, in fear that it doesn’t work out. Sometimes jealous, but still are too scared to sacrificing their comfort to try and improve their life. As much as I would love them to step out and try, I know it’s not for everybody, so my only hope is that where they are, they will find their own happiness and do what make them happy.

I will try to be happy every day, by looking at life at its most basic form: happy with the sun in the morning, happy to see the ocean 10m away from my room, happy to surf every day, happy to be apart of a successful business, happy to share it with a good friend, happy to meet incredible clients and friends, but most of all, happy to do what I want to do, for me, for no one else. I only have one life to live and its mine!

Be happy for yourself and then share it with the world!