You travel faster alone. But further together!

Two Guys with a Free Spirit

Vincent Villemure Duchesneau


I don’t want to be what we call an ” adult “…

I want to be a child from neverland, an accomplished men that love his life !

I don’t want to have what we call ” responsibilities “…

I only want to take care of the people I love and make sure they’re happy.

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  • Yogi 74%
  • Surfeur 5%
  • Traveler 92%

Karl Pineault 



For some people, I am a bachelor or a hippy with a catchy smile. For others, I am a dreamer and a passionate traveller. However for me, I am only a citizen of the world and a life lover that wants to enjoy all the opportunities that I find, like travelling the world, giving speeches in high schools or starting my own hostel in a foreign country.

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  • Yogi 5%
  • Surfeur 95%
  • Traveler 85%