Freshman year: Party people that got along well

Going to university was for us a dream come true and we wanted to live it at the fullest, just like we had vizualized it years and years before.
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Poland : The life changing experience

Our whole Poland experience cannot fit here, but we can surely tell you how closer it brought us.
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Sharing the same roof: An UpLifting Gathering

The timing was perfect and the adventure would not end there because Vincent and Karl moved in with Laurent.
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Making it happen: From a dream to reality

We realized we wanted to go on a journey. We didn't know where, how and even why. We only knew we were going to create something together.
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The Brainstorm: The road to a Hostel Logo and a Business Plan

We lost ourselves in the project, letting go of fear and limitations. We had the same vision and each common word we used for the project was a step closer to our dreams.
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The launch: From the internet to newspapers and crowdfunding

It's time for us to stand and talk, asking you: What if you left everything to achieve your deepest dream?
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Crowdfunding video!

Ice Bucket Challenge, ecology version!

The making of!

The Free Spirit Hostel on TV!

Dream day with some friends!

Selling and giving everything to feel more free than ever!

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